Aharai Tech

Aharai Tech

After five consecutive years of activity, the TechLift program launched the "Aharai Tech" program, that connects the 8200 Alumni Association to the "Aharai" Association and expands the activities of the TechLift program to 25 more localities in the geographical and social periphery of the country and to over 500 trainees.

The goal of the program is to promote equal opportunity and provide technological & soft skills to teenagers from the Israeli periphery in according to empower them through the promotion of technological literacy, significant experiences of mutual responsibility ​​values and social involvement, and the guidance towards a meaningful service in a technological role. The program was created with the understanding that technological knowledge and tools constitute a significant leap forward in expanding the array of choices and enabling the social mobility of teenagers from the periphery.

The program focuses on 10-12th grade students which take part in heterogeneous groups of boys and girls, from all socio-economic and/or educational backgrounds, without any filters or requirements. They go through a spiral PBL process that focuses on practical implementation of technological and entrepreneurial tools, in addition to an educational environment and the preparation for a significant service in a technological role in various units of the IDF, National Service and the High-Tech industry.

As part of the program, the trainees will study a three-year syllabus consisting of Techlift's foundation courses: Python, Data & AI and IoT courses. During the year of study, the trainees also participate in important events and enrichment activities, such as conferences with executives of the army and the industry, tours in high-tech companies and Hackathons where the trainees work in teams to promote social-technological ventures they have developed during the year.

An innovative Mentoring Project for our students and team, gives them the opportunity to get a professional & personal mentoring from dozens of volunteers among different sectors in the high- tech industry and the technological units in the IDF.

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