Our Partnership

Between the years 2018-2021, TechLift joined the Education and Community Division of the Jewish National Fund. As part of the collaboration, Techlift has run courses, workshops and activities in the Galilee landscape, as part of the "KKL-JNF House of Excellence" city project.

TechLift was responsible for the technology-entrepreneurial enrichment offered and made accessible to urban students ages 15-18 years old that frequent the KKL-JNF House.

In 2020, TechLift expanded its program activity also to Kiryat Malachi, as soon as the local KKL-JNF House for Excellence was inaugurated.

As part of the collaboration, TechLift established a content development incubator, and made knowledge and technological and entrepreneurial tools accessible to teen boys and girls, while addressing the needs of KKL-JNF and placing environmental emphasis during the joint activity.